Assalamu Alaikum Dear Andalusia Parents and Community Members,

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you all to the new School Year 2017-2018 at our beloved Andalusia School with good news and positive vibes, alhamdulillah! After spending my first school year as Principal, in partnership with our School Board, refining our academic approach and building upon our previous successes, we are now ready to move forward, with new initiatives and innovative projects.

High School: As you all know, 2016-2017 marked the 8th consecutive year that our high school has graduated a senior cohort at the yet unmatchable 100% graduation rate, sending them to the best colleges and universities in our area with full and partial scholarships. They continue to excel in Regents scores beating all benchmarks. We are now adding to our students’ ability to succeed at a higher level by introducing college credit courses for our juniors and seniors. Our students will now have the option to participate in a dual enrollment program that will enable them to satisfy their graduation credits while simultaneously establishing a healthy head start at the college level. Students will also have the option to select alternate courses that have a focus beyond the standard offering including Business Accounting, Earth Science and Engineering Physics (subject to student demand).

Free Universal Pre-Kindergarten Program:  The long awaited UPK program, after years of relentless planning, proposals and preparation, has finally become a reality. Our qualifying Yonkers parents can finally take advantage of a state-subsidized program that will offer professional care in a healthy Islamic environment and quality education to our precious Pre-K’ers, with minimal costs to parents. Takbeer!

Middle & Elementary School: As our test results shown below indicate, our elementary and middle school NY State Exam results continue to demonstrate our competitiveness at those critical grade levels. We continue to identify tools and methodologies to further maximize student performance and ensure that our students have full mastery of common core standards. Take a look at our exam results and be proud of the strong indicators that our students meet or exceed all major benchmarks.

Free Hot Breakfast and Lunch for all Students with completion of our New Kitchen: Our blessed efforts, resulting from a fruitful partnership between our Executive Council, School Board, Finance Department and School Administration, have culminated in approved plans and a budget for constructing our own kitchen in the school cafeteria Alhumdulilah. Free hot lunch and breakfast for all students, prepared in our own kitchen, and meeting our highest nutritional standards will be coming soon.
High Spirits: We hope all this great news reaches you while you are in high spirits, and anxiously awaiting the start of this special school year—just as we are! Please share these great initiatives, achievements and programs with your neighbors, friends and family, and encourage them to enroll their children at Andalusia NOW.
Jazakumu Allahu Khairun,
Abdelnasser Nofal
Principal at Andalusia Islamic School