New York State Islamic Schools Spelling Bee Competition

Sponsored by Al-Madinah School

Spelling Bee Rules
Spelling Bee Word Lists

Level 6 for Grade 8 Spelling List

Additional list for grade 8

Level 5 for Grades 7 & 6 Spelling List

Additional list for grade 7 & 6

Level 4 for Grades 5 & 4 Spelling List

Grade 3 Spelling List

Grade 2 Spelling List

Grade 1 Spelling List

Grade K Spelling List

Each year the Elementary and Middle Schools hold a spelling competition. Please take some time to review spelling bee words with your child. All teachers have integrated the study of these spelling bee words into their homework assignments and we hope that your child has been practicing diligently and will continue to do so. The winner from each level will attend the All Islamic School Competition at Al-Madinah School in Brooklyn Insha Allah.

Please do continue to prepare your child for the spelling competition. Children love to learn and to compete with each other, and this is an ideal way to assist them in having a rewarding experience. If your child has misplaced their spelling list and/or the rules, please find the link above for another copy.


Congratulations to our 2019 Andalusia Spellathon Winners:

1. Nadir Salahie
2. Bayan Ahmed
3. Hamzeh Eideh

1st Grade:
1. Rabbi Ahnaf
2. Nagmadeen Almathil
3. Ameenah Razzak

2nd Grade:
1. Khadija Aamir
2. Nora Islam Ishrat
3. Yousef Haleem

3rd Grade:
1. Ayesha Razzak
2. Parsa Chowdhury
3. Muhammad Zawad

4th Grade:
1. Rayyan Sarfraz
2. Azan Umer
3. Deen Giljic

5th Grade:
1. Maryam Aamir
2. Atika Saleem
3. Meral Alhariri

6th Grade:

1. Muhammad Raqeeb
2. Haadiya Naqvi
3. Huzaifah Jamshaid

7th Grade:

1. Hadia Jamshaid
2. Waiz Aamir
3. Salsabil Zaman

8th Grade

1. Sana Ziad
2. Samia Suliman
3. Ilham Lawani

Congratulations to our 2018 Andalusia Spellathon Winners:


1. Rabbi Ahnaf
2. Halima Bilal
3. Adam Cassanova

1st Grade:

1. Khadija Aamir
2. Nabiha Nahed
3. Adil Shareef

2nd Grade:

1. Mayar Nassar
2. Zackariyah Ahmed
3. Ayesha Razzak

3rd Grade:

1. Talal Saleem
2. Samer Alali
3. Sami Alali

4th Grade:

1. Maryam Aamir
2. Mahma (Ayezah) Nouman
3. Atika Saleem

5th Grade:

1. Uzair Bashar
2. Huzhaifah Jamshaid
3. Muhammad Raqeeb

6th Grade:

1. Hadia Jamshaid
2. Waiz Aamir
3. Salsabil Zaman

7th Grade:

1. Zaynab Kolya
2. Sidiki Camara
3. Khalid Mahadeen

8th Grade :

1. Fariha Mahasin
2. Aashiq Ali
3. Izhak Saldago

Congratulations to our 2017 Andalusia Spellathon Winners:

1st place: Ridwan Toor
2nd place: Roqayah Saleh
3rd place: Khadija Aamir

Grade 1:
1st place: Aiza Abbas
2nd place: Ayesha Razzak
3rd place: Ahlam Elkhattabijohnson

Grade 2:
1st place: Rayyan Sarfraz
2nd place: Talal Saleem
3rd place: Zunaira Ali

Grade 3:
1st place: Maryam Aamir
2nd place: Atika Saleem
3rd place: Mahma Nouman

Grade 4:
1st place: Muhammad Raqeeb
2nd place: Uzair Bahsar
3rd place: Amaar Shariff

Grade 5:
1st place: Hadia Jamshaid
2nd place: Waiz Aamir
3rd place: Fatimah Azeez

Grade 6:
1st place: Sajid Rohman
2nd place: Kiran Iftikhar
3rd place: Asiyah Abbas

Grade 7:
1st place: Fariha Mahasin
2nd place: Maryam Rached
3rd place: Jannatul Islam

Grade 8:
1st place: Alyia Washwell
2nd place: Salma Perez
3rd place: Brandon Ramos

2016 All Islamic School Spelling Bee Competition Winners from Andalusia School

Trophies were given to 1st to 5th place
Kindergarten: Ayisha Razzaq 3rd Place
1st grade: Zachariah Abdel Rahim 4th Place
2nd Grade: Ayezah Nouman: medal for 6th Place
3rd Grade: Huzaifah Jamshaid 1st Place
4th / 5th Grade Category: Asiyah Abbas 3rd Place

Congratulations to our 2016 Spellathon Winners:

1st Ayesha Razzak
2nd Ibrahim Rashid
3rd Arshil Rohman

1st grade:
1st Zachariah AbdelRahim
2nd Talal Saleem
3rd Amaan Shariff

2nd Grade:
1st Ayezah Nouman
2nd Atika Saleem
3rd Minhaaj Naqvi

3rd Grade:
1st Huzhaifah Jamshaid
2nd Ammaar Shariff
3rd Uzair Bashar

4th Grade:
1st Hadiya Jamshaid
2nd Waiz Aamir
3rd Manar Nassar

5th Grade:
1st Asiyah Abbas
2nd Saajid Rohman
3rd Manaar Gulrukh

6th Grade:
1st Maryam Rached
2nd Ruwaida Ali
3rd Ashan Rahim

7th Grade:
1st Kareema Ghaswala
2nd Salma Perez
3rd Azizah Rashid

8th Grade:
1st Khadijah Kamal
2nd Nader Abdullah
3rd Khalid Gafur

Congratulations to our 2015 Spellathon Winners:

1st Deen Giljic
2nd Ayser Adams
3rd Amaan Sharif

1st grade:
1st Meral Hakeem Alhariri
2nd Atika Saleem
3rd Maryam Aamir

2nd grade:
1st Huzhaifah Jamshaid
2nd Muhammad Raqeeb
3rd Uzair Bashar

3rd grade:
1st Saajid Abdur Rohman
2nd Waiz Aamir
3rd Hadia Jamshaid

4th grade:
1st Asiyah Abbas
2nd Manaar Gulrukh
3rd Fatima Dzhambekova

5th grade:
1st Ashan Rahim
2nd Duaa Mir
3rd Maryam Rached

6th grade:
1st Kareema Ghaswala
2nd Ayoub Rached
3rd Salma Nasser

7th grade:
1st Khadijah Kamal
2nd Qusay Alomari
3rd Aysha Dzhambekova

8th grade:
1st Sofia Eltanikhy
2nd Fahim Rahman
3rd Tasnima Ahsan

Congratulations to our 2014 Spellathon Winners:

1. Maryam Aamir – 1st Pace
2. Huda Jamshaid – 2nd Place
3. Mahma Nouman – 3rd Place

1st Grade
1. Muhammad Raqeeb – 1st Place
2. Huzhaifah Jamshaid – 2nd Place
3. Ammaar Shariff – 3rd Place

2nd Grade
1. Saajid AbdurRohman – 1st Place
2. Waiz Aamir – 2nd Place
3. Manahel Shuja – 3rd Place

3rd Grade
1. Asiyah Abbas – 1st Place
2. Nafeyu Tayib – 2nd Place
3. Manaar Gulrukh – 3rd Place

4th Grade
1. Maryam Rached – 1st Place
2. Farhan Mukit – 2nd Place
3. Zainah Alomari – 3rd Place

5th Grade
1. Kareema Ghaswala – 1st Place
2. Fatima Zahra Ali – 2nd Place
3. Mohammed Yousef – 3rd Place

6th Grade
1. Khadijah Kamal – 1st Place
2. Aysha Dzhambekova – 2nd Place
3. Samera Baksh – 3rd Place

7th Grade
1. Afsana Rahman – 1st Place
2. Fahim Rahman – 2nd Place
3. Sumara BinHussain – 3rd Place

8th Grade
1. Abida Islam Rohana – 1st Place
2. Mariam Lawani – 2nd Place
3. Menatolla Hamza – 3rd Place