Instructional Leader’s Message

Elementary School

I recently came across the above quote while doing a research on Amelia Earhart for our Elementary School Book of the Month class assignment. I have read it at least twenty times since I first came across it. I find it intriguing because of its weight; it just says too much to ignore, especially since it allows room for no excuses no matter what status and/or position one finds himself.

My wish is that you understand what this quote means and live by it. I am sure there must have been at least one adult in your lives who has told you that you can do anything you want to do. Well that means you must accept responsibility for shaping who you will become and what you will do. Some of you will just have to recognize the path just in front of you and seize the opportunity to get on it. You will just have to make a move or “take off” as Amelia Earhart put it.

But, for some of you, opportunities will be harder to come by. So then what should you do? Well then you have a responsibility to go out and find those opportunities. How? By making things happen for yourselves, speaking up, making an impression, trying a little harder, and making a plan and executing it. In doing so, you will perhaps, not only find great opportunities to seize, but you might leave a trail for others to follow. While some of you might be too young to even think about having your own children one day, Insha Allah you will. And, they will be among the ones “who will follow after you.”
So as you move on to different stages in your young lives, consider all the significant people from the past who have taken the “responsibility to grab a shovel and build” a way for you to be in the position you are in today, people like our Prophet Mohammad PBUH and his companions. And, Insha Allah, as you journey on, you will find the courage you need to take opportunities and seek them out when they are not readily presented, as having an excuse does not necessarily excuse you from your responsibility of doing so.

May Allah SWT guide you to be responsible and bring good opportunities your way.

Sister Bibi
Elementary School Instructional Leader
2nd Grade Teacher